Relationship Counselling
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Relationship Counselling

Relationship & Couples Counselling


Relationship counselling encompasses relationships such as defacto, marriage, dating, thinking about getting married, friends, roommates, and other such relationships.


People come to relationship counselling for different reasons. These can be because they are experiencing challenges in their relationship, would like to learn some skills in how to communicate better with each other, their relationship feels like it has become stuck, one issue keeps popping up, or they would like a third party to help them negotiate a concern etc.


Our philosophy is that your relationship is our client and we work tirelessly with you to help strengthen your relationship and help it flourish without taking sides.


We do this through providing a confidential, safe, accepting and encouraging atmosphere where you can both have the freedom to openly share and find direction and healing.


Sessions are usually 1 hour and 30 minutes to provide each person a chance to speak without feeling rushed as well as providing time to repair and restore your relationship.

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