Group Therapy
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Group Therapy

Group Therapy


Group therapy is where a small group of people meet together on a regular basis alongside a counsellor to discuss and explore the challenges that they are facing.


This is a place where you can gain support, encouragement and understanding from others who are also caught in similar circumstances. Group Therapy helps to show that you are not alone. The benefit of group therapy is that it builds and maintains a safe environment, and a place where you can go to offer and accept encouragement and support.


Subject to group member availability, we offer group therapy for issues such as managing your anger, stress management, anxiety, domestic violence, coping with divorce as well as others.


We also offer art workshops as part of group therapy. Here, different available artistic mediums and approaches are chosen by you to express the emotions and circumstances you have experienced. Then as a group, we discuss and support each other through the journey to healing. Artistic talent is not required and your artwork is never judged, instead it is a place where you can express through art where words may fail and find a way to better understand yourself.


Groups consist of 5 to 8 members and a counsellor to help you and guide the group. The sessions are generally around 1 hour and 30 minutes in length, and the art therapy session is generally 2 hours in length giving time to prepare art works and discuss them in groups.


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