Corporate Counselling
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Corporate Counselling

Corporate Counselling


Corporate counselling is where a counsellor comes to your work place and helps the staff work through and reconcile work related issues. This can be anything such as stress related to work, a traumatic situation that has occurred, work performance effected by outside circumstances, disagreements amongst workers, bullying, irreconcilable differences in the workplace, help with facing the challenge of retrenchment, demotion, termination of employment, cultural miscommunication, malicious gossip etc.


We come to your work place and work through the issues in-house without any need to get the staff together at a separate location outside of work hours where there is no guarantee that they will be able to all come.


Our approach is to work through the issues that have arisen in your workplace and with input from all parties to establish a workable solution that is good for everybody involved.


We hold privacy and confidentiality in the highest regard and we are also a COMCARE provider.

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