About us
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About us

Renewed Hope Counselling Services was started because I felt deeply saddened by how many hurting people kept crossing my path. The more I spoke to people the more I found that everyone was hurting, even the people who looked like they had everything figured out and together. It upset me to see so many people struggling to live their day to day lives with the scars and painful wounds that somebody else inflicted on them through no fault of their own. To use a picture, it was as though they had all the potential to become a beautiful lush tree but instead were savagely cut down leaving only a stump, a fragment of the kind of person they were meant to be.


The world is not meant to be this way. People should be free to live their lives without being imprisoned inside of themselves and feeling cheated out of living lives to their full potential. This is the driving force behind the counsellors at Renewed Hope Counselling Services.


The aim of Renewed Hope Counselling is to give you support during the time your life is most difficult. We see infinite value in every single human being and provide an understanding, non-judgmental, caring environment where you feel respected, safe, and able to face and overcome life’s challenges.


Our counsellors understand that each person is unique and there is no “one size fits all” approach. So we work alongside our clients to achieve healing through an integrated approach. In other words, we cater our counselling based on what is most effective and most comfortable for you. We determine this through gently working together with you through understanding, respect, genuinely listening to you and supporting you. We never push or force you to do or talk about anything that you do not want to.


Our goal is to stand by you and support you not only to face your challenges but to come through on the other side with renewed hope and to give you the tools you need to never feel imprisoned again.


Kerry Kostinsky Verlingieri

(M. Counselling, Grad. Dip. Divinity, B. Science)


At Renewed Hope Counselling Services we do all types of counselling such as individual, relationship, marriage, family, and troubled adolescents in which we have extensive experience. We also have experience in multi-ethnic counselling and are a COMCARE provider.


We operate as a member of PACFA (The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) which is a national peak body for counsellors and psychotherapists in Australia and CCAA (Christian Counsellors Association of Australia) for which PACFA is the umbrella organisation.